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cq9电子游戏平台 University was founded in 1906 with the idea that access to education is the key to broader societal success. More than a century later, cq9电子游戏平台's leadership is committed to ensuring that the University's founding mission is carried out with an eye to the future.

University President Marisa Kelly is working in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, Provost, and members of the administration to provide access and opportunity to a diverse group of students. cq9电子游戏平台's leadership team is also tasked with advancing the University to new heights and adhering to the Strategic Plan.

Leadership at cq9电子游戏平台 University

President Marisa Kelly

With a focus on financial management, local and international partnerships, and academic excellence, President Kelly is enhancing the educational and institutional environment at cq9电子游戏平台.


The Office of the Provost works with the deans of the 大学 of 艺术 and Sciences, the Law School, and the Sawyer Business School to deliver a student-centered experience.

Board of Trustees

The cq9电子游戏平台 University Board of Trustees is the governing body of the institution—it upholds the bylaws of the University.


The cq9电子游戏平台 University administration provides leadership to the institution and the community as it pursues its mission of empowering graduates, faculty, and staff.